The NSGEU employs more than 50 professional staff who work on your behalf to improve the terms and conditions of your employment in areas such as wages, hours of work and overtime, illness and disability provisions, health and insurance benefits, pensions, occupational health and safety, and employment security.

The staff of NSGEU takes great pride representing your interests. Many of them are former NSGEU members and understand first-hand the issues you face in your workplaces.

If you are interested in working for the NSGEU, check our website regularly for job opportunities with us.

NSGEU Management

NSGEU President
Jason MacLean

Executive Director
Robin MacLean

Director of Negotiations & Servicing – Government & Education

Director of Negotiations & Servicing – Health Care
Shawn Fuller

Director of Administration & Financial Services
Bruce Thomson

Servicing Coordinators

Jo-Ann Bailey – Healthcare Acute & Community
Tina Webber – Government & Education
David MacKenzie – Communications, Education & Bully Free Workplace Programs

NSGEU Employee Relations Officers (EROs)

Under the leadership of the Executive Director, the Director of Negotiations and Servicing, and Servicing Coordinators, NSGEU EROs provide direct assistance and support to each of the union’s locals.

EROs serve as locals’ chief negotiators during bargaining. They help enforce the provisions of local’s collective agreements through consultation, negotiation, mediation and, when those tactics fail, formal grievance. During grievance proceedings, EROs help members through the arbitration/adjudication procedures, sometimes with the assistance of expert legal advice.

Each ERO is assigned to one or more locals. These assignments change from time to time.

Click here for an up-to-date list of EROs and the locals to which they are assigned.

Gina Boyd
Tony Bremner
Paul Cormier, CRSP (Health & Safety Officer)
John Cook
Jim Gosse
Lynette Johnson
Elizabeth Kanyikwa
David Lawrence
David Leddicote
Patricia (Trish) MacDonald
Corry MacKinnon
Odette MacLeod
Donnie MacNeil
Nicole McKim
Dustin Rioux
Kelly Ritcey
Brandon Rose
Lori Smith (Organizing Officer)
Darryl Warren
Rick Wiseman

Bully Free, Communications, Education, Pensions & Benefits, Policy and Research

NSGEU also has specialized staff in Communications, Education, Pensions & Benefits, Research, and Policy.

Communications Officers
Deedee Slye
Holly Fraughton

Education Officer
Lori Smith

Pension & Benefits Officer
Corinne Carey

Information Analyst
Lucas Wide

Financial, Administrative, IT, Support and LRC staff

Secretarial Staff
Lisa Bouchard, Executive Secretary to the President
Kim Brown, Part-Time, Sydney Office
Kim Clarke
Sarah Covey
Tessa Crawley
Jackie Creemer
Rhonda Duhme
Angela Fitzgerald
Zita Hildebrandt
Cindy Legault
Leslie Long
Susan Sutherland
Vicki Walsh, Executive Secretary to the Executive Director

Communications Assistant
Shannon MacIntyre

General Assistants
Cory Fitzner
Chris Jodrey

Mailroom Clerk
Joe Edwards

Office Systems Coordinator
Diane Briggs

Technical Systems & User Support Analyst
Steve Smith

Julie MacDougall

Accounting Clerk
Dawn Lohnes
Kathy Mason

Membership Records Clerk
Janet Baker
Keith MacKinnon
Juliana Mullen

Donna Bigger

NSGEU Labour Resource Centre staff

Tracey Best
Paula Cuvelier
Stephanie Howell
Cindy Merritt

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