Am I a Bully?

Check any statement which may be true for me.

  1. Do I make or join in with jokes at another’s expense?

  2. Do I visibly display my anger and frustration by yelling, swearing or banging?

  3. Do I engage in gossip or pass on rumors about others?

  4. Have I acted to interfere with another’s work, such as withholding information?

  5. Do I enjoy heated arguments and have to be right?

  6. Have I taken my stress out on others?

  7. Do I play the blame and shame game, criticizing or humiliating a colleague?

  8. Have I withheld information deliberately, undermined, or behaved in ways to make another co-worker look bad?

  9. Have I been accused of bullying in the past?

  10. And particularly, although not exclusively for supervisors:

  11. Have I increased pressure on my team?

  12. Have I increased demand, while ignoring constraints?

  13. Do I routinely yell or shout at colleagues or subordinates?

  14. If staff wants to discuss things, do I put them off or tell them to just get on with it?

  15. Am I rude or blunt in my criticism, give strong negative feedback in front of others, or use ridicule?

  16. Do I try to have control of everything including how others’ work is performed?

  17. Is my style very authoritarian?

  18. Am I delegating unfairly more than another can handle?

  19. Do I engage in words or actions aimed at making a person feel diminished?

  20. Was behaviour that was perceived as bullying part of the normal disciplinary or formal feedback procedure?


After you single click on the above "Calculate Results" button you will be provided with your results in the "Total Score" and "Feedback" boxes below.

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