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Locals 31, 35, 40 & 85: Home Support VON, Kings/Annapolis, Colchester, Tri County & Pictou County Tentative Agreement Meeting Details

Good afternoon, Last week, we sent an email advising that your bargaining committee had reached a tentative agreement that they will be recommending for acceptance to the membership, and that we were in the process of scheduling a series of meetings members to discuss and vote on the agreement. It is critical that you attend […]

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Locals 31, 35, 40 & 85: Home Support VON, Kings/Annapolis, Colchester, Tri County & Pictou County Tentative Agreement Reached, Meetings Scheduled

Good afternoon, Your bargaining committee is pleased to announce they have reached a tentative agreement that they will be recommending for acceptance to the membership. There are a series of meetings being scheduled for members, and it is critical that you attend one of the meetings planned for your local, as this tentative agreement contains […]

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Locals 31,35,40 & 85 – VON Homecare Filing For Conciliation

Your bargaining committee and employer reached an impasse in bargaining on Tuesday, May 14th. The union plans to file for conciliation today, Friday May 17th. We will advise when conciliation dates have been scheduled. While we have reached agreement on a large number of articles, we still have two significant proposals that have not been […]

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NSGEU Home Care Workers: Bringing Health Care Home

Today, the NSGEU is launching an online advertising campaign to raise awareness of the importance of the work our home care members deliver throughout the province. The campaign will be featured on a wide range of media sites as “pre-roll” video, played before and during other video content. We understand that your profession has faced […]

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Local 31, 35, 40 & 85 — VON Kings/Annapolis, Colchester, Tri-County & Pictou County Bargaining Update: Proposals Exchanged

Your Bargaining Committee met with your employer today (Tuesday, October 23rd) to exchange bargaining proposals. Please note: these are just proposals at this point in time, as an agreement has not been reached with the employer yet. You can also click here to view and download a copy of the proposals. The bargaining proposals do […]

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Locals 29, 31, 35, 40, 85: Changes to VON national benefits plan taking effect April 1, 2018

Dear Member, The Employer has communicated to the Union a change in the national VON benefits plan that you are a member of. This change, which takes effect on April 1, 2018, impacts the prescription drug plan. The plan will provide for a mandatory generic substitution for drugs covered by the plan. The Employer has outlined […]

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Members Working For VON (Locals 29, 31, 35, 40, 85) Attendance Management Program

Good afternoon, As you are aware, your employer sent an email on Wednesday, May 31st outlining a new Attendance Management program that is being implemented effective June 1st, 2017. This communication advises that this program has been reviewed by the union and that it is compliant with the terms and conditions of our collective agreements. […]

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Home Support Members: Update on “Performance Based” Contracts

NSGEU representatives attended a Department of Health and Wellness/Nova Scotia Health Authority (DHW/NSHA) presentation regarding the current status of the Home Support service agreements on Tuesday, January 31st. As most of you are aware, the new “performance based” contracts were originally set to take effect on February 1st, 2017. One of the most significant features […]

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Home Support Locals Bargaining Update

Home Support Locals Bargaining Update Dear member, In the Fall of 2015, NSGEU held a home support bargaining strategy session, which was attended by your home support bargaining and essential services representatives. During the session, members identified a number of priority issues for bargaining. A bargaining input survey was developed with the intent of sending […]

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VON 2016 Holiday Availability Form

Locals 31, 35, 40 & 85 – Home Support VON (Kings/Annapolis, Colchester, Tri-County & Pictou) VON 2016 Holiday Availability Form Good afternoon, By now, all members should have received a copy of the 2016 Holiday Availability Form put out by the Employer. This form lists 10 holidays and asks employees to: “Please indicate by (checkmark) […]

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