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Local 470 – NSLC Stores & Warehouse Date Scheduled to Exchange Proposals

Good afternoon, Your bargaining committee and employer have agreed to exchange bargaining proposals on Wednesday, January 16th, 2019. We are looking for further dates in February to continue bargaining. If you have any questions or concerns about the bargaining process, please contact a member of your bargaining committee. Sub-Local Name Email A Brian Horne […]

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Local 119: Special meeting for all trades, maintenance, and engineers

Good afternoon, As you know, your employer made an announcement yesterday regarding government’s plans to redevelop the QEII. This includes the eventual decommissioning of part of the Victoria General site and the construction of five new health care buildings in the Halifax area. The new health care buildings will be constructed using a P3 model, […]

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QEII Redevelopment

Good afternoon, This morning, government announced their QEII redevelopment plans, which include the eventual decommissioning of part of the Victoria General site and the construction of five new health care buildings in the Halifax area. The NSGEU is committed to working with your employer to ensure our members’ jobs will be protected when construction is […]

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New – Office of Workplace Mental Health

This new Office of Workplace Mental Health is an initiative of the NSGEU and the Public Service Commission. It is available for members who work for the Civil Service, NS Pension Corporation, or Tourism NS. Below is a message from Jason MacLean, President Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union and Laura Lee Langley, Commissioner, Nova […]

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Local 72 – CSAP Statut des négociations collectives

Chères consoeurs et confrères, Nous vous adressons la présente pour vous mettre à jour sur l’état des négociations avec les représentants du CSAP. Comme vous le savez, les négociations ont débuté en 2015, pour se poursuivre en 2016, en 2017, et en 2018. En avril 2018, les parties étaient très près d’un règlement sujet à […]

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Local 87 – Parkland at the Lakes Bargaining Preparations Underway

Good afternoon, Your bargaining committee last met in June for preparation of bargaining proposals. Since then, Kelly Ritcey, your Employee Relations Officer (ERO), requested and was granted a year-long leave of absence. The temporary vacancy created by Kelly’s leave was posted and we have very recently hired a replacement who will hopefully be able to […]

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NSGEU Asks To Be Included in HRM Busing Review

Dear Local 78B members working for Stock Transportation, Today the government announced it was investing more money into busing in the Halifax Regional Centre for Education. This is great, however, they also announced a busing consultation process that excludes your union and, therefore, the voices of drivers, monitors, and mechanics who deliver the service. NSGEU […]

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Local 33 – Guysborough County Home Support Agency, Richmond County Division Bargaining Update: Proposals Exchanged

Dear Local 33 members, Your Bargaining Committee met with your employer on Friday, September 21st to exchange proposals. Copies of the proposals will be mailed out to all members of Local 33. You can also click here to view and download a copy of the proposals. The bargaining proposals do not include any wage proposals as they […]

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