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Media Release: Department of Justice Should Improve Courtroom Safety – Not Make it Worse: says NSGEU President MacLean

Instead of putting in measures to make courtrooms and prisoner escorts safer, NSGEU has learned the Department of Justice is planning to make the situation riskier for Deputy Sheriffs and the public. “Decision makers in the Department of Justice are making policy decisions that will impact our health and safety based on budgets rather than […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: Union Calls On Government to Act on Safety Recommendations

After a frightening incident at the Halifax provincial courts on Monday, Deputy Sheriffs and their union representatives are calling on government to finally act on the many outstanding recommendations made in a recent safety assessment. “Deputy Sheriffs responded very well to a dangerous situation that could have gotten out of hand very easily,” said NSGEU […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: Union Calls For Improved Safety, Staffing at Emerald Hall

Staff members who work with Nova Scotia’s most developmentally delayed and mentally ill adult patients are raising the alarm over inadequate staffing and serious health and safety issues at Emerald Hall. In light of a recent incident reported in the media, the union held a meeting with members who work on this unit, which houses […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: NSGEU Convention Delegates Give Back

At NSGEU’s 2016 Triennial Convention, delegates and board members made commitments to give back to a variety of important community causes, including fire relief efforts in Fort McMurray. First, the Board of Directors held a meeting immediately before Convention kicked off, where Board members decided to donate $10,000 on behalf of the membership to emergency […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: NSGEU Acting President Applauds Decision to Keep Registries Public

Acting NSGEU President Jason MacLean is today giving credit to the Nova Scotia government for its decision to keep our land, motor vehicle and business registries public. “We are extremely pleased that government has ultimately taken the same position we have maintained: that these important services should remain where they belong, in the capable hands […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: Government Backtracks on Safety Commitments at Courthouses

The safety of Nova Scotians and courthouse staff is being jeopardized, as our Provincial government backtracks on commitments to improve courthouse safety, all the while sparing no expense implementing safety measures in their own place of work: the Legislature. In July 2015, then-Justice Minister Lena Diab committed to act on recommendations that were made in […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: NSGEU President Applauds Decision to Keep Tourism Centres Open

NSGEU President Joan Jessome is today giving credit to the Nova Scotia government for its decision to keep the six remaining Visitor Information Centres open and run by the same experienced staff. “I am very pleased with this outcome. Over the last year, our members who work in these Visitor Information Centres have been very concerned […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: Increased Medical Errors Highlights Needs for Increased Staffing

The deaths of 126 Nova Scotians over the past two years, as documented in the Nova Scotia Reportable Events Database, is only further evidence that our provincial government needs to move forward with establishing minimum nurse to patient ratios. “A 66 per cent jump in reportable incidents simply isn’t acceptable,” says NSGEU President Joan Jessome. […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: Why are Visitor Information Centres Missing?

NSGEU president Joan Jessome is demanding the McNeil Government explain why Visitor Information Centres are absent from Nova Scotia’s 2016 Doers and Dreamers Guide. “Is this how they are communicating the closure to the employees?” asked Jessome. “Workers from Visitor Information Centres across Nova Scotia have yet to be called back to work. This is […]

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