Fall 2017 Scholarship & Bursary Recipients

NSGEU believes in supporting members and their dependents who are continuing their education.

Every year, the union offers 15, $750.00 bursaries in the fall and 14, $750 bursaries in the spring to NSGEU members. These are awarded based on financial need.

Every year, the union offers one $2500, five $1500, and five $1,000 scholarships to dependent children of NSGEU members.  These are awarded based on scholastic achievement.

Every year, the union offers 15, $1,000 bursaries to dependents of NSGEU members (these can include spouses). These are awarded based on financial need.

The following people have been selected as recipients of the NSGEU’s 2017 Fall Member Bursaries & Scholarships:

Member Bursaries:

  • Bill Hebert Memorial Award: Douglas McCarthy (Local 17)
  • Carmen Williams Memorial Award: Shane McDow (Local 480)
  • Kathleen Morrison Memorial: Sherma Boudreau (Local 267D)
  • Sara Mullins (Local 267)
  • Shafaat Mehdikhanli (Local 47)
  • Robyn Metcalfe (Local 423)
  • Shannon Downey (Local 7)
  • Katie Blackie (Local 1)
  • Shaunda-Lynn Jesso (Local 58)
  • Renee Newell-Boucher (Local 7)
  • Dolores Gaudet (Local 4)
  • James Chant (Local 119)
  • Nicole MacDonald (Local 79)
  • Christopher Parsons (Local 41)
  • Deanne Dooley (Local 100)

Members’ Dependent Bursaries:

  • Westray Memorial Award: Breanna Mahoney (Member Carrie MacDonald, Local 2)
  • Brian Langille Memorial Award: Brent McCarthy (Member Douglas McCarthy, Local 17)
  • Irving Deale Memorial Award: Omar Youssef (Member Lisa Youssef, Local 7)
  • Phillip Cosgrove Memorial Award: Lacey White (Member Lisa White, Local 470C)
  • Gordon Burnham Memorial Award: Breanna Lynk (Member Sheir Lynk, Local 104)
  • John Rossiter Memorial Award: Ralph Redden (Member Marilyn MacDougall, Local 8)
  • Jethro Gunn (Member Kahtie MacLeod-Gunn, Local 2)
  • Shala Knocton (Jacqueline Knocton, Local 88)
  • Laura Duncanson (Member Michelle Duncanson, Local 31)
  • Olivia Pushie (Angela Hagar, Local 88)
  • Marissa Smith (Member Heather Harnish, Local 53)
  • Kendra Smith (Member Gerald Smith, Local 6)
  • Mathew Teklet (Member Asmeret Gheabreab, Local 77)
  • Dalton Smith (Member Molly Rose-Smith, Local 17)
  • Mitchell Broussard (Member Tammy Broussard, Local 77)

Members’ Dependent Scholarships:

  • Adrian Timmons Memorial Award: Sophie Gaube (Member Heinz Gaube, Local 122)
  • Alex Buchanan Memorial Award: Justine Ring (Member Tammy Ring, Local 73)
  • Aubrey Stevens Memorial Award: Adam Discher (Member Carolyn Discher, Local 119/100)
  • Greg Blanchard Award: Joshua Swain (Member Irene Swain, Local 53)
  • David Peters Award: Rachel Corney (Member Randolph Corney, Local 79)
  • Joan Jessome Award: Laura Mercer (Member Lloyd Mercer, Local 1995)
  • Briea Malloy (Member Brian Malloy, Local 2)
  • Julien LeBlanc (Member Michael LeBlanc, Local 99)
  • Sarah Meek (Member Carolyn Meek, Local 53)
  • David Worth (Nancy & David Worth, Local 100/101)

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6 Responses to Fall 2017 Scholarship & Bursary Recipients

  1. Kerry December 11, 2017 at 8:31 am #

    Congratulations to all recipients! Small error: •Shafaat Mehdikhanli is a member of Local 47 not 85. Sara Mullins is not local 47. Maybe just mixed those two up in error!

    • Deedee Slye December 11, 2017 at 10:06 am #

      Thank you! fixing that now. Much appreciated and our apologies.

  2. Florence MacNeil January 2, 2018 at 10:10 am #

    My daughter applied for a scholarship. I was told that my daughter did not qualify for a scholarship because her marks were not in the 99 range even though she made the Deans list with Distinction in university.

    I was told that she should apply for a bursary because that goes by income not by marks.

    So she applied for a bursary, She did not qualify .

    • Deedee Slye January 3, 2018 at 4:36 pm #

      Hello there, sorry to hear that. I know that must be disappointing and doesn’t reflect on your daughter at all. She sounds incredible. There is huge competition for the scholarships and bursaries. The Education Committee makes the determination of who receives the awards and adhere to their guidelines. She may be able to apply again, I hope. All the best.

  3. Nancy WORTH January 12, 2018 at 5:29 pm #

    The last scholarship winner, parents should read Nancy and David Worth, not Meeks 🙂

    • Deedee Slye January 16, 2018 at 3:14 pm #

      Thank you! So sorry. We have made that change. Congratulations!

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