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Local 24 represents Laundry Workers, Truck Drivers and Shipper Receivers employed with Crothall Laundry Services.


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Local 24 Tentative Agreement Ratified!

Dear Local 24 members, Your bargaining committee wishes to advise you that your tentative agreement has been ratified by 97 per cent of the membership who voted. You now have a new collective agree[...]

Local 24-Crothall Laundry Services Bargaining Update: Tentative Agreement Reached

The Local 24 bargaining committee is pleased to advise that on Tuesday, April 25th, a tentative agreement was reached between the union and the employer. The bargaining committee is recommending ac[...]

Local 24 - Crothall Laundry Services Strike Vote Results

Good morning, Members in your local have voted 100 per cent in favour of a strike to back your bargaining committee’s demands at conciliation. There were a total of 45 ballots cast out of 57 eli[...]

Local 24 - Crothall Laundry Services: Update on Conciliation Dates, Strike Vote

Strike votes will be held at the NSGEU main office (located at 255 John Savage Avenue, Dartmouth). President Jason MacLean will be available to meet with members of Local 24 during the following ti[...]

Local 24 - Crothall Laundry Services: Conciliation Dates & Strike Votes Scheduled

Talks between your Bargaining Committee and Employer reached an impasse on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017. The Union filed for Conciliation on Friday, March 14 and will be holding strike votes on the[...]


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