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Local 5 consists of government workers from all sectors of the provincial government (Clerical, Professional and Trades & Services), located within CS Lunenburg, Shelburne & Queens Counties (all government departments).


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Message to Child Welfare Social Workers

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Dear members, In a report to a standing committee on community services on September 3, Leonard D[...]

Agreement Reached for Child Welfare Social Workers

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An agreement has been reached between the NSGEU and Department of Community Services that will see C[...]

Dept of Community Services Case Aides Policy Grievance Issued to your Employer on Avoidance

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The Union has raised concerns pertaining to Case Aides working within the Department of Community Se[...]

Deputy Sheriffs Dept of Justice – Sheriff Services Adjudication Hearing Update

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As you may know, NSGEU has been advocating for the department to address the staffing crisis within [...]

Important message for Department of Community Services Case Aides

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The NSGEU has been contacted by some Case Aides with concerns about their status as permanent employ[...]

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