Local 63B Community Health Services – First Collective Agreement Ratified

Members of Local 63B Community Health Services ratified their first collective agreement with a resounding 100 per cent supporting vote on Wednesday, May 29th! The collective agreement extends from April 1st, 2012 to October 31st, 2015. Congratulations to the membership and special thanks to bargaining committee members Bill Robinson and Shauna Ferrar for their commitment […]

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Local 55 – WCBoard – Tentative Agreement Reached

After eight (8) days of talks, your bargaining committee concluded a tentative collective agreement with the employer late last evening, May 29. Details of the package and the voting process are forthcoming. The bargaining committee is recommending acceptance and would like to thank the membership for its support during the collective bargaining process. If you […]

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Local 66 – RRSS- Members Vote Strongly In Support of Strike to Back Bargaining Demands

Members have delivered a very strong show of support to their bargaining committee today, voting in favour of strike, if necessary, to back their demands and take the employer’s proposed concessions off the bargaining table. An overwhelming 88 per cent of ballots cast were in favour of strike, with a 73 per cent strike mandate […]

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Local 61-Canadian Association of Community Living, Antigonish Branch – Additional Talks Scheduled

On May 27th and 28th your bargaining committee met with your employer to exchange bargaining proposals and discuss changes to your current collective agreement. The exchange was cordial and the talks will continue on Monday, June 24th and Tuesday, June 25th. The employer’s proposals consisted of some concessions. The union’s proposal will be sent to […]

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Baillie Gets it Wrong: Privatization of Alcohol Sales is Not Good for Nova Scotians or Our Economy

May 23, 2013 Halifax: “Baillie is desperate to create some political wedge issue for himself, but privatization of alcohol sales should not be used as a political football, “says Joan Jessome, President of the Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union. “With over 106 locations throughout the province, Nova Scotians have plenty of access to […]

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