What are some examples of Previous Resolutions?

At every convention there are many resolutions submitted.  They cover everything except bargaining issues.  They include priorities for political work, (e.g. lobby for more mental health services)  organizational changes, (we need a Bully Free program, or we need to have offices outside of HRM) and changes in how we spend money (donations to Christmas Daddies instead of a Holiday Greeting TV ad, or donating to Transition Houses, or the food bank)   An example of a specific resolution is below.

Resolution R-09-6 (Submitted by Board of Directors)

Subject of Resolution: Continuing Pension Education Intent of Resolution: To offer Pension Education to all members of the Union

Whereas: positive feedback has been received relating to the present pension awareness sessions; and

Whereas: the topic of Pension Education is currently ever more relevant; and

Whereas: members feel that pensions are of utmost importance; and

Whereas: many members are not familiar with their own pension plans.

Therefore be it resolved that: the NSGEU direct each of the eight (8) Regional Councils to dedicate one (1) meeting per year to pension education; and

Be it further resolved that: the NSGEU pension education sessions are to include members in all pension plans.


Resolution R-13-06            (Local 246 – Capital District Health Authority Office & Clerical)

Subject of Resolution:      April 19th NSGEU Day.

Intent of resolution:           NSGEU hold an event to recognize April 19 as NSGEU Day.

Whereas:  April 19 has been designated as NSGEU Day; and

Whereas:  The NSGEU member Hand Book and Day Planner lists April 19 as NSGEU Day; and

Whereas:  Currently there are no events recognizing NSGEU Day.

Therefore be it resolved that:   NSGEU holds an event to recognize April 19 as NSGEU Day.


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  5. What are some examples of Previous Resolutions?
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