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President MacLean asks to return to bargaining table: Premier responds he will wait for vote results.

Dear members of the Civil Service, In light of the return to the bargaining table with the Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union, I asked the Premier today to return to the table with Civil Servants as well, to actually negotiate a fair deal. Unfortunately, the Premier’s response was to say that he is waiting to see […]

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Bargaining Update: All Civil Service

E-Vote on Employer’s Final Offer – Vote will begin December 12 at 8 a.m. and end December 14 at noon. Your Bargaining Unit Negotiating Council and your Union Negotiating Committee are recommending the rejection of the Employer’s final offer. This offer includes two years of zeros, and ends the Public Service Award for all new members (as of April 2015) […]

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NSGEU Wins Significant Civil Service Policy Grievance

Good afternoon, On Thursday, February 11th  the NSGEU received a significant arbitration decision on the policy grievance we filed in early 2015, following government layoffs. The grievance contended that the Civil Service employer violated the Civil Service Master Agreement in its failure to apply the job security Memorandum of Agreement (MOA#2) when members are laid off. […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: Civil Service Bargaining Committee Recommends Rejection of Government’s Offer

As a result of the government’s heavy-handed legislative interference, and after weeks of consultation with members, the Civil Service bargaining committee has decided to change their earlier recommendation to the membership. They are now recommending that the members reject the government’s final offer. The Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee (BUNC) voted this afternoon: 96% in favour […]

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Ratification dates for the Civil Service tentative agreement have not yet been confirmed.

Please note: Telephone Town Hall to discuss the Civil Service tentative agreement is Monday evening, November 30 at 7pm.  Ratification dates for the Civil Service tentative agreement have not yet been confirmed.    As soon as the dates have been confirmed, you will be emailed voting information along with a personal PIN number that will […]

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MEDIA RELEASE: Civil Service Bargaining Committee Recommends Acceptance of Tentative Agreement to Protect Job Security

The NSGEU Civil Service Bargaining Unit Negotiating Committee (BUNC) is recommending acceptance of a tentative agreement that protects members’ job security. During this round of negotiations, Civil Service members identified that the most critical issue for them was job security, and we have managed to protect that in the agreement the committee is recommending today. […]

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Bargaining: A look ahead

Many contracts now open, NSGEU staff and bargaining committees prepare for tough round of negotiations ahead. The NSGEU represents almost 30,000 members working in an incredibly wide variety of sectors and settings: from government and education to acute and community health care. These workers belong to 99 separate locals, which are all governed by their […]

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Bill 108 passes: NSGEU challenging exclusions in new Department of Business

Bill 108 – Financial Measures Act The Liberal government tabled Bill 108, the Financial Measures (2015) Act on April 27. This Bill puts into law many of the changes government announced in the Provincial Budget, including the elimination of the Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism (ERDT). It also creates the new Department […]

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