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JULY 31, 2022 TO APRIL 28, 2023
The Information Analyst for the NSGEU combines research, analysis, information gathering and communications responsibilities, all in support of collective bargaining and other NSGEU objectives, including influencing public policy.
DUTIES: The functions of the Information Analyst include preparing and leading primary research such as wage data comparisons, membership surveys, public opinion surveys and focus testing. The functions will also require analyzing gathered data and making recommendations to assist with bargaining and public policy initiatives of the NSGEU. The Information Analyst is responsible for supplying accurate and usable information for public distribution though reports, updates to membership, updates to the NSGEU Leadership and senior staff and press releases.

The Information Analyst will be required to analyze and prepare reports on significant public policy initiatives of governments and opposition parties. This work will include analysis of legislation and will require the incumbent to have an understanding of the functions of the legislative assembly, including how legislation is prepared, amended and made into law.
The Information Analyst may be required to have direct contact with media, stakeholders, opinion leaders, NSGEU members and government officials. The Information Analyst will be required to prepare and implement campaigns on issues of significance to the NSGEU, in consultation with the NSGEU communications officers and senior staff.
QUALIFICATIONS: University training or an equivalent combination of training and experience. The successful incumbent must possess well-developed, high-level writing and oral communication skills and be able to take responsibility and complete work with minimal supervision. Demonstrated commitment to the labour movement and its goals, the ability to work creatively under tight deadlines and adjust to changing priorities are a must. Sound political judgment and familiarity with both trade union and public policy issues are essential. Should be competent in statistical methods and techniques and have computer skills including familiarity with software such as SPSS, Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and Outlook.
Pay Level: $83,242 to $99,766
CLOSING: Interested applicants please submit your resume and cover letter (merged into one document) identifying the competition number, outlining your qualifications, skills and experience to: NSGEU, Mr. Shawn Fuller, Executive Director, 255 John Savage Avenue, Dartmouth NS B3B 0J3 or e-mail to or via facsimile at 902-428-0190 no later than 12:00 noon Friday, July 15, 2022.
No interviews from outside IAMAW, Local 2797 and NSGEU memberships shall take place until such time as all qualified applicants from the above have been interviewed and no successful candidate found. NSGEU will request time for union leave for the successful applicant where necessary. The NSGEU is committed to diversity in the workplace, and we encourage applications from candidates from all equity-seeking groups. Candidates who identify as being from any equity-seeking community are encouraged to voluntarily self-identify in the application process.




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