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Local 100 represents the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) Healthcare Central Zone.


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Health Care Bargaining Groups: Update on Overtime Interpretation Issue

Earlier today, the Nova Scotia Health Authority and IWK sent employees a communication stating that they would be ending their punitive reinterpretation of your contracts overtime language. Thanks [...]

Health Care Workers' Safety Survey

The union has received a number of reports from our Health Care members regarding concerns about staffing shortages and patient safety. We are trying to collect data from the membership to assist w[...]

Important Message for NSHA Central Zone Employees regarding Benefit Premium Changes

Dear members, In the coming days you will be receiving a notification from your employer (NSHA) announcing an increase to your health and dental premiums. The NSGEU does not agree with these increa[...]

Acute Health Care: Update on New Interpretation of Overtime Language

Good afternoon, The NSHA and IWK have recently decided to change their interpretation of overtime language to all four acute care bargaining units (Health Care, Support Services, Administrative Pro[...]

Acute Health Care: Update on New Interpretation of Overtime Language

Good afternoon, As you all know, the NSHA and IWK have a new interpretation of overtime compensation for all health care workers. This interpretation is not a result of negotiations and at no time [...]

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