Union Dues

Union Dues

Members of NSGEU contribute 1.25% in union dues. To make this clear, if you earn $30,000/year, you contribute $14.42/pay. 100% of the membership dues you contribute are tax deductible! Nobody questions the necessity of insuring their home, their car, their life. Union dues are a way of insuring your job! If you have a car accident, your rates increase. Your union dues are the same no matter how much you rely on NSGEU. As well, you will not pay union dues until you have a signed collective agreement! NSGEU is non-profit all dues collected are spent on the members! So … what do you get for your union dues?

  • Over 30,000 fellow members standing beside you
  • Contracts with better rates of pay and working conditions
  • A voice in your workplace
  • Holding your employer accountable to the negotiated contract in all areas
  • Education and training
  • Access to scholarships and bursaries
  • Employment contract related legal services
  • Grievance process
  • Fair hiring practices

Union dues pay for the services NSGEU provides to members. Union membership is worth every penny!

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