Stephen McNeil’s Secret Hospital Scheme

Stephen McNeil’s Secret Hospital Scheme.

Build it public!

There’s a crisis in health care across Nova Scotia. Families and health care workers see it every day.

But instead of helping people, Stephen McNeil’s secret scheme for a P3 hospital will help big companies and rich CEOs.

Privatizing our new hospital will make the crisis in health care even worse.

What’s wrong with P3s?

  • Privatization costs more. A new report estimates the cost of private borrowing will be 125 percent more than public financing.
  • P3s turn health care dollars into corporate profits. It’s like taking money for our health care… and turning it into another yacht for a CEO.
  • P3s lock us in to pay more for decades. For the next 30 years, our children will be on the hook for McNeil’s mistake.
  • P3s cost our communities good jobs. We need to protect good jobs, from frontline care to maintenance and operations.
  • P3s have a terrible track record. We’ve already wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on costly P3s. We don’t need to waste more.
  • P3s lack transparency and oversight. And McNeil keeps refusing to release vital information to the public.

Now, the Auditor General is asking tough questions about the potential for fraud.

When will Stephen McNeil come clean and scrap his secret scheme?

Support better public health care. Not another CEO’s yacht.

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