What happens when you call NSGEU?

What happens when you call NSGEU?

The Resource Center (RC) is the first point of contact when calling the NSGEU head office.LRC

The RC is open to answer your calls from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday at 902-424-4063 or toll-free at 1-877-556-7438. You can also email work or union-related questions to inquiry@nsgeu.ca.

When you call NSGEU:

When you call NSGEU, your call is answered by a staff person in the RC. To assist you with your call or direct the call appropriately, we will always ask you for the following information. (We need to confirm you are a member and that we have the correct contact information for you):

  • Name
  • Home Mailing Address
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • The nature of your call
  • Whether you have already spoken to your immediate management supervisor (if applicable)

If you are calling about a workplace complaint/grievance, we will need a brief description of the issue.Clipboard

  • What happened
  • When did it happen
  • Who was involved
  • Where did it happen
  • Why is this a concern or issue
  • How did it happen
  • Have you reviewed your Collective Agreement
  • What is the outcome you are seeking

Your call with the RC staff is confidential. It is ok for you to answer any questions we may ask. If the RC staff are not able to address your issue immediately, they will forward your question and information to the Employee Relations Officer (ERO) for follow up. If there is an imminent deadline or a reason for urgency, this will be noted in the referral to the ERO.

When the ERO returns your call, they will:

  • Review the information taken during the initial call
  • Ask you additional questions
  • Offer advice to help resolve your issue
  • Provide honest feedback and advise you if there is merit to file a grievance
  • File the grievance (if needed) and support you through that process
  • Discuss alternatives to resolve the complaint with your employer if the matter is not a violation of the agreement
  • Provide responses to your emails and phone calls as well as updates on the progress of your case

What we need from you:

We need you to be an active participant in resolving workplace issues. We expect you to:

  • Provide your name and contact information and keep us up to date if your contact information changes
  • Review your Collective Agreement
  • Provide a full and honest explanation of the issueBook and Pencil
  • Provide information as requested
  • Return calls in a timely manner
  • Ask questions
  • Follow the advice provided
  • Provide new information as it surfaces
  • Understand and respect the role of RC and ERO staff.

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