Welcome to the NSGEU

Members of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union deliver the public services our communities count on.  They work in health care, universities, colleges and regional centres for education, liquor stores, police services, group homes, provincial and municipal governments – and more.

So what does being part of the NSGEU mean for you?

It means you have more than 36,000 members and a professional staff team who have your back.

Together, we negotiate collective agreements that ensure we’re paid a fair wage, have good benefits, and a safe workplace.

And we look out for our communities, demanding improvements that make everyone’s life better – whether they’re part of our union or not. Things like a higher minimum wage, paid holidays, workplace safety laws and investments in public services like health care.

But we wouldn’t accomplish any of those things without our members.

All members contribute to the NSGEU by paying tax-deductible union dues and by getting involved.

The NSGEU is a truly democratic organization.  Here’s how it works:

You and the people you work with make up a local. You might work at the same location – or work for the same employer in different places.

If you’ve got any issues or concerns at work – take them to your local steward so you can get support to address them. If you still have questions, you call the NSGEU, where staff are ready to help. You can contact the union via email at: inquiry@nsgeu.ca or by phone at 902-424-4063.  Toll free 1-877-556-7438. If you call after hours, leave your information and staff will call you back.

You will elect people to represent you at other levels of the union every three years at a local meeting.

You will elect a member to sit and represent your local on Regional Council. This Council is based on where you work.

You will also elect a member to represent you on an Occupational Council. This Council is based on what you do.

So if you’re a home care worker in Cape Breton – you’re part of the Cape Breton Regional Council, and the Home Support Occupational Council. Your local elects people to represent you at both the Regional and Occupational Councils.

Each of those councils elects representatives to the NSGEU Board of Directors. Communication goes back and forth from the Local through the Councils and to the Board of Directors and back again.

Your local also elects delegates to Convention, which happens every three years.

Convention is where delegates set NSGEU’s direction through introducing, discussing, and voting on resolutions.

The Board of Directors and Executive are responsible for governing the NSGEU between conventions.

Delegates also elect the NSGEU Provincial Executive at convention.

The NSGEU’s day-to-day work is carried out by professional staff – many are former NSGEU members just like you. They take pride in using their skills and experience to make sure you are supported and your rights are protected.

The NSGEU was built to make sure everyone has a voice.

Talk to your local steward, find out when the next local meeting is – and go. Remember, it’s your union.

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