NSGEU Education Courses

The NSGEU has launched a new education program for all members.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about your union, now is the time to do so!

NSGEU 101 (1 day)

• Any member in good standing can attend
In this 1 day workshop, members will learn the history of NSGEU, how the NSGEU is structured, and why, and discuss why NSGEU and other unions exist.


Steward Orientation (2 days)

• Must be a local steward

In this two (2) day workshop, Stewards discuss their role as Educators, Grievance Handlers, Communicators, Leaders, Organizers and Activists. Tools are provided to assist Stewards in supporting local members.

• Ongoing, local specific, steward training will be provided by ERO’s


Dealing with Workplace Conflict (1.5 days)

• Must be a Steward or Local Executive Officer

In this one-and-a-half (1.5) day workshop, we will define and analyse conflict and look at the range of processes aimed at alleviating or eliminating sources of conflict. We will also look at mediation and its role in conflict resolution. Any steward or local executive officer that has not previously attended this workshop is eligible to attend.


Domestic Violence: Why is it a Workplace Issue? (.5 day)

• Must be a Chief Steward
• In this ½ day course, Chief Stewards will learn about the impact of intimate partner violence in the workplace. Chief Stewards will be provided tools to support members who experience Intimate Partner Violence in the Workplace.

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