NSGEU: Making Your Voice Heard In Your Workplace And Community

Your voice in bargaining

As a member of the largest union in Nova Scotia, you and your
co-workers can draw on significant resources and experience to support your contract negotiations in the pursuit of a fair collective agreement. The NSGEU helps negotiate more than 80 collective agreements for members who work for government, school boards, universities, hospitals, group homes, liquor stores, correctional facilities, nursing homes, municipal departments, and more.

With the NSGEU, you have the strength and support of 31,000 fellow members to help you:

  • Negotiate solid collective agreements
  • Improve your conditions of work and define your rights

Support when you need it

NSGEU is a democratic organization with active members in workplaces across the province. We have a staff of more than 60 people who work as employee relations officers (EROs), negotiators, administrative professionals, and membership clerks. Our staff also includes specialized services officers in such areas as: occupational health & safety, pension and benefits, research, policy analysis, organizing, education, and communications.

Education you can use

The NSGEU offers a range of workshops and materials to help you better understand your collective agreement and your rights in the workplace and beyond. We offer courses in becoming a union leader, and opportunities to grow through workshops, training, and conferences. Through the NSGEU education program, you can develop a stronger voice in your workplace.

Your voice in the community

We care about the public services that members of the NSGEU provide. We know services make a real difference to families and communities. We’ll speak up when cuts or other government decisions are threatening the quality of public services for all Nova Scotians.

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