NSGEU Regional & Occupational Councils

To ensure that every local has a voice in the overall direction of the union, each local is represented on at least two separate councils: a Regional Council and at least one Occupational Council.

Regional Councils provide an opportunity to share and address concerns specific to a particular region of the province, while Occupational Councils address concerns specific to a particular type of job.

Regional Councils

The NSGEU represents members in eight regions. Every local is primarily based in one of these regions, and every local is entitled to send at least one elected representative to its Regional Council’s meetings (which generally take place a half-dozen times a year) to discuss issues of common concern.

Each Regional Council also elects one of its members to sit on the NSGEU’s Board of Directors.

Click here to view and download a map showing the various regions.

Occupational Councils

The union has 15 Occupational Councils, which represent groups of members who share similar occupations. (Click here to view and download a graphic of the councils.)

Like the Regional Councils, each Occupational Council is entitled to elect at least one of its councillors to be its representative on the Board of Directors. (If the number of NSGEU members represented by an Occupational Council is greater than 2,000, the council is entitled to two representatives on the board. There are currently six Occupational Councils representing more 2,000 members).

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