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What I Can Do To Ensure Our Health Care System Gets Stronger

What will the 2014 Accord set out to accomplish? Will it guarantee affordable medicines by actually establishing a universal Pharmacare program similar to Medicare? Will it strive to further shorten wait times? Guarantee 24-hour emergency care to people living outside big cities? Push the healthcare system to begin properly addressing mental health? Or will it open the door, as many believe the Harper government wants, to privatization and two tiers of healthcare?

It’s all on the table, which is why it’s critical for Canadians and Nova Scotians to clearly tell government what they want.

To help do just that, NSGEU is joining forces with the Nova Scotia Health Citizens Health Care Network, the Council of Canadians, and the Canadian Health Professionals Secretariat to host a number of events coinciding with the health ministers meeting, including a press conference, a rally, and a town-hall meeting.

You can have your say by writing directly to Nova Scotia Health Minister Maureen MacDonald (and the two opposition health critics) by visiting the Nova Scotia Citizens Health Care Network website and filling out the form they’ve provided.

Members who work in health care have a unique perspective on what the system needs and their participation would be incredibly valuable. But we all have a stake in a healthy health system, and every member should feel empowered to lend their voice to this incredibly important discussion.

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