Amateur Sports and Fine Arts Awards

The following have been selected by the NSGEU Social Recreation Committee and Ratified by the NSGEU Board of Directors to receive awards.   Recommendation #2: The Social Recreation Committee recommends that the $300.00 Amateur Sports/Fine Arts Awards be awarded to each of the following fifteen Members, or Dependent children of the Members, in accordance with […]

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Local 193 – Suggested Return to Work Procedure for Members at 690 East River Rd., New Glasgow

In 2010, members who work for the Provincial Health Authority in New Glasgow were moved into a renovated building at 690 East River Road. Soon after moving in complaints of poor air quality came forward. An order was issued by the Department of Labour and an Industrial Hygienist was hired to report on the building. […]

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Vehicle Transportation and Inspection Division Health & Safety Grievance Update

In 2016, a number of employees with the Vehicle Transportation and Inspection Division (Employer) brought workplace safety concerns to our attention. We held meetings across the province to hear concerns and educate members on their rights and responsibilities pursuant to the Occupational Health & Safety Act. At a meeting on May 5, 2016, we shared […]

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Notice to Civil Service seasonal employees

Dear Civil Service seasonal members, Members who are seasonal employees have raised concerns with the Union concerning their inability to reply to Expression of Interest job postings due to their lack of access to the government email system during seasonal layoff. We have raised this concern with the Employer and they have informed us that […]

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