Local 57 Bargaining Update: Union Filing for Conciliation, Conference Call Scheduled

The Local 57 Bargaining Committee and Laing House (the Employer) reached an impasse on February 22nd. The Union will be filing for conciliation today, February 28th. While we have reached agreement on many articles, we still have not been able to reach agreement on wages and duration of the collective agreement. We are committed in reaching […]

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Conciliation Dates Cancelled by Employer New Dates Being Scheduled in April

Dear Civil Service members, Yesterday the Employer informed your Bargaining Committee and the Conciliation Officer that they are no longer available to meet for conciliation in March due to committee availability. They have suggested that we look into finding a block of time in April and we have agreed and are in the process of […]

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Access Facilitator/Case Aid Update #2

Dear Case Aides and Access Facilitators, working in the Department of Community Services, As you are aware, the Employer has reorganized your roles and responsibilities within the Department. Although we were not consulted, we did raise our objections to these changes, based on our conversations with the membership.We informed the employer we thought these changes […]

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