Good news for Sherbrooke Restoration Commission and members of NSGEU Local 50

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Dear members of Local 50, In government's spending announcement today was a small line item that means a great deal to members of Local 50 who work for the Sherbrooke Restoration Commission or Sherbrooke Village. "Sherbrooke Restoration Commission: $246,000 to support the transition of the She[...]

Press Release: NSGEU calls for release of Code Census data, McNeil hiding health care crisis

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The Nova Scotia Health Authority has a responsibility to release Code Census data that highlights the crisis taking place at the Halifax Infirmary Emergency Department and puts patients and workers at risk says NSGEU President Jason MacLean. "Stephen McNeil keeps denying the crisis in health care[...]

Power has been restored. NSGEU office will open at 11 a.m.

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Power has been restored to the NSGEU building and the office will open at 11 a.m. today. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Safe travels.[...]

Press Release: Health care crisis reaches dangerous tipping point

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Conditions at the Halifax Infirmary Emergency Department have reached a dangerous tipping point where patient and health care worker safety are at-risk, says NSGEU President Jason MacLean. "Last night at the HI Emergency Department there were up to 17 ambulances backed up, waiting over 10 hours t[...]
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