An Important Message from NSGEU 1st VP Jason MacLean

What: All-member rally
When: Wednesday, December 16th, 4:30 p.m.
Where: Province House (1726 Hollis Street, Halifax)

Sisters and Brothers,

As we face yet another piece of repressive legislation from this Liberal government, I want you to remember that we’ve already been pushed around with Bills 30, 37, 1 and 100, and now we’re facing Bill 148, the Public Services Sustainability Act.

This legislation will affect 75,000 public sector workers across the province, forcing a wage pattern on you and effectively killing the collective bargaining process.

I have heard from many of you that you are fed up with this government’s disrespectful approach to labour relations, and we need to take a stand. Well, I agree with you, and NOW is the time to take that stand.

I want you to come out and help show this government our collective size and our strength.

This government is taking advantage of us and manipulating the processes of the Legislature in order to push this legislation through without all of us having a say.

Here we are Sisters and Brothers, and we cannot let this go unanswered. We must get out and I challenge you to show up!  For those in the Metro area, do not go home after work: give us an hour to show just how fed up you are! I’ve said it time and time again: I’ll be there when it’s time to act and today is the time. We cannot let this go by!

Remember, this government is not respecting public service workers. I’ll be on Hollis Street this afternoon, and it’s extremely important that I’m not standing there by myself. I hope you’ll join me.

In Solidarity,

Jason MacLean
1st Vice-President

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One Response to An Important Message from NSGEU 1st VP Jason MacLean

  1. Steve Murphy December 18, 2015 at 10:57 am #

    A rally? Jason, where is our support for the teachers? The Doctors? Showing at a rally doesn’t demonstrate that, its just media fodder and another reason for the general public to turn against our union even more. Why hasn’t Joan or this executive made a strong and clear statement on behalf of their members and in support of the other unions?

    What do we stand for if we don’t stand up with the teachers and other unions? The teachers stood up and now we are hiding behind them, not standing beside them. This is what happens when your union executive turn into politicians instead of labour leaders.

    My union has lost touch with its locals. Its members are apathetic and have withdrawn from union involvement. ERO’s are so over worked they burn out creating ever larger back logs in member assistance. Members have been left flapping so many times that they simply dont care. I have been part of a reclassification since 2010 that isn’t complete because our union doesn’t hold the employer to the timeframes laid out in the process. You are absentee leaders, good for a photo op but never there when the members need you.

    This executive and the bargaining reps put forward a terrible recommendation to accept a tentative agreement based on fear and threats and tried to say that what we told them we wanted. Im tired of being let down. This union is broken, its out of touch, and its ineffective. Maybe it’s time for this executive to step down.

    When our president has essentially bailed on us in our time of need, would we really be worse off?

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