Bargaining Update: Council Files for Conciliation

Dear members,

The Council of Health Support Bargaining Unions (consisting of members from NSGEU, Unifor and CUPE) has reached an impasse in bargaining a new collective agreement on your behalf.

After eight days of bargaining over five months with Nova Scotia Health (NSH) and the IWK, there has been little progress made in reaching an agreement for a new contract that expired on October 31, 2020.

There have been some changes to language that will benefit our members, however, there are still outstanding issues around job posting language, probationary periods, unpaid leave for volunteer firefighters who protect communities, and participating in ride share programs for members in the Halifax area.

Most significantly, the Bargaining Committee presented a reasonable and fair wage package to the employers in late March that is reflective of the urgency and frustration being felt within the workplace. The employer remains unwilling to consider this request, and has declined any increases in uniform and boot allowances, a competitive wage floor package, and many other monetary provisions. While the cost of living and inflation have dramatically increased over the last year, the wages of some of the lowest paid “Health Care Heroes” have simply not kept up. If the Provincial Government really wants to fix health care, you, the health care heroes, need to be respected and be paid a fair and decent wage.

The Bargaining Committee has filed for Conciliation. This means we are requesting the help of an outside third party.

What is Conciliation? Conciliation is a requirement under the Nova Scotia Trade Union Act that takes place when regular negotiations fail to reach an agreement. Either party may apply to the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education requesting the services of a Conciliation Officer. The Conciliation Officer does not have the power to impose a settlement on either party. Instead, their role is to mediate between the parties and help them reach an agreement.

You will be informed when Conciliation dates are confirmed and if/when a strike vote is required. Conciliation must happen before we reach a complete impasse.

The committee would like to thank our members for their support as we continue to attempt to bargain a fair deal for you.

Please post this notice in your workplaces and sign up for email updates. Because of COVID restrictions in facilities, voting will take place electronically and we will need your personal email addresses. Please make sure your correct information is on file with us by calling 902-424-4063 (1-877-556-7438) or emailing

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to:

Deputy Negotiator, Gina Boyd –

Christian Collins, Vice-Chair (NSH, Local 119) –

Matt Walsh (NSH, Local 119) –

Raymond Theriault (NSH, Local 119) –

Rob Forbes (NSH, Local 119) –

Joe Boudreau (NSH, Local 119) –

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