Local 38 – Northwood Homecare Inc. Tentative Agreement Ratified

Your bargaining committee wishes to advise you that your tentative agreement has been overwhelmingly ratified. One hundred percent of votes cast in your local were in favor of accepting the tentative agreement. You now have a new collective agreement which runs from April 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2024.

As you recall, the membership had previously voted to reject the tentative agreement in November 2021. That resulted in the bargaining team going back to the table with the employer and later filing for conciliation. As a result of that process, there were recognized gains to your collective agreement, which included improvements to wages, and the introduction of Work from Home language to your collective agreement.

As a Local 38 member, you should be proud that your membership showed up to ensure that your voice was heard. Thank you for supporting your bargaining committee throughout this process, as they worked hard on your behalf to achieve this collective agreement. The employer guarantees retro will be paid to the members by December 20th.

If you have any questions or concerns about the bargaining process, please contact a member of your bargaining committee or the NSGEU by calling 1-877-556-7438 or 902-424-4063, or e-mailing us at inquiry@nsgeu.ca.

Bargaining Committee:

Jodi Newland – jnewland@nwood.ns.ca

David Watts – davidwatts@eastlink.ca

Tammy Young, Chief Negotiator – tyoung@nsgeu.ca

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