Local 70 – South Shore Regional Centre for Education Final Strike Pay

In response to several inquiries please note strike pay was paid in accordance with the NSGEU Board of Director’s Policy Manual – Policy 10.1 Strike Pay.

Local 70’s first day of strike was Tuesday, October 25th.

Week 1 October 25 – October 31 ($200 + dependents)

Week 2 November 1 to 7 ($200 + dependents) and

Week 3 November 8 & 9 (2 days prorated) – return to work November 10

November 8 & 9 strike pay was prorated in accordance with Policy 10.1 (5.4.3 & 5.5.2). Members on strike received $200/7 = $28.5 x 2 = 57 and if they had dependents the same calculation was applied.

Policy 10.1 Strike

5.4.1   Strike pay is earned daily and paid only if the strike lasts more than 1 day. For a strike that lasts more than 1 day, strike pay is retroactive to the first day strike duties are performed.

5.4.2 NSGEU is authorized to issue strike pay to members who are registered for strike duties and/or accommodation.

5.4.3   For strike purposes, a week is seven consecutive calendar days. The first day of the strike is the first day of Week One.

5.4.4   The Strike Committee shall submit all completed and signed forms to the assigned staff representative at the end of each week.

5.5 Strike pay (Members)

5.5.1   Members who perform a minimum of 20 (twenty) or more hours of strike duties per week are eligible for strike pay. Strike duties may include, but are not limited to, the duties described in Section 3.4.

5.5.2    Strike pay shall be $200.00 per member per week plus $25.00 per dependent per week. A dependent is defined as an individual who is up to 4 years post graduate of high school and maintains residence with a custodial parent or guardian or an individual who is disabled and maintains residence with a custodial parent or guardian.

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