Local 70 – South Shore Regional Centre for Education Returning to Bargaining Table

Your Chief Negotiator for Local 70 was contacted by the employer this afternoon and asked to return to the bargaining table tomorrow (Thursday, October 13th). Your committee has agreed to return to the table in hopes of reaching a deal.

As you know, NSGEU sent an update last evening advising you that Local 70 members at SSCRE voted 94 per cent to reject the employer’s last offer. Strike plans for SSRCE will remain on hold as bargaining resumes.

It is also important to note that members in Local 73 (AVRCE) reached a new tentative agreement late Tuesday evening and will be voting on that agreement shortly.

Please keep an eye on your email for further updates and information.

Bargaining Committee

Bev Waddell, bevwadd@hotmail.com

Tracey Cook, tl.cook@hotmail.com

Stacey Jensen, fun-e-layde@hotmail.com

Chief Negotiator Lloyd Samson, LSamson@nsgeu.ca

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