Local 74 – Tri-County Regional Centre for Education Telephone Town Hall Scheduled

This is an important update on the status of your negotiations. Last week your local voted 98% to reject your employers’ offer. Your bargaining committee has not been called back to the table to resume bargaining.

A Telephone Town Hall is scheduled for your local for this afternoon, Wednesday, October 19th at 5:00 p.m. to discuss next steps for your local.

Participating in the Telephone Town Hall meeting is easy. We will call you approximately five minutes before the call begins on the phone number you have provided to the NSGEU. At any time during the call, if you have a question or wish to make a comment, please dial *3. After speaking to an operator, you will be put in a queue where you will be able to ask your question or make a comment live.

If you do not receive the call or get disconnected you can contact the NSGEU for instructions.

There have been a number of developments for NSGEU members at the Annapolis Valley and South Shore Centres for Education. On Tuesday October 11th, Local 73 at the Annapolis Valley School Board (AVRCE) negotiated a tentative agreement. However, yesterday, Local 73 rejected the employer’s offer with 68% voting against.

In the meantime, Local 70 at the South Shore Regional Centre for Education was called back to the table Thursday October 13 and it received another offer from their employer. The SSRCE bargaining committee is recommending its membership reject that offer. That vote will take place Thursday and Friday of this week.

Please contact the NSGEU if you think your contact information is out of date so we can reach you (call 902-424-4063 or email inquiry@nsgeu.ca).

Your committee members appreciate the ongoing support of the membership during this difficult round of bargaining. The NSGEU would like to thank the members of your bargaining committee for their hard work and dedication, as well.

Bargaining Committee:

Marjorie Deion, mdeion@tcrce.ca

Ricky Doucette, ricky.doucette@tcrce.ca

Heidi DeMille, hdemille@hotmail.com

Chief Negotiator Lloyd Samson, LSamson@nsgeu.ca

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