Nova Scotia Council of Nursing Unions: Bargaining Update

The Nova Scotia Council of Nursing Unions, Nova Scotia Health (NSH), the IWK and the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness (DHW) began face-to-face negotiations yesterday (February 28th).

On February 28th, the teams engaged in the first interest-based negotiation session.

Interest-based negotiation is about issues and interests. This method of bargaining has been tested and found very effective in other jurisdictions. The parties may decide to return to a more traditional bargaining format at any time.

Our next bargaining date is scheduled for March 20th and 21st, after which time we will send another update.

We appreciate your patience as we progress in this round of negotiations. If you have questions or concerns about the bargaining process, please contact a member of your bargaining team:

Local 101 Holly Bowdridge,

Local 195 Angelica Chasse-Naugler,

Local 101 Lisa Clowater,

Local 101 Tricia MacLean,

Local 101 Kelly Parsons,

Local 101 Rochelle Ryan,

Local 101 Kerri Webster-McIsaac,

NSGEU Deputy Negotiator Lynette Johnson,

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