Members Bursary Guidelines


Conditions of Award

Twice yearly, within 45 days following the application deadline, the NS Government & General Employees Union is offering bursaries for the following numbers and amounts (at the discretion of the NSGEU Education Committee) to be awarded to members in good standing.

  • Each Fall 15 – $750.00 Bursaries
    (one of the 15 bursaries to be named the Bill Hebert Memorial Bursary & Carmen Williams Memorial Bursary)
  • Each Spring 14 – $750.00 Bursaries
    (one of the 14 bursaries to be named the Cheryl Morton Memorial Bursary & Linda Sirota Memorial Bursary)

The bursaries will be based on the financial need of the applicant.

Applications and all supporting documentation must be filed with the Nova Scotia Government & General Employees Union on, or prior to, October 15th to be eligible for Fall Bursaries and March 15th to be eligible for spring bursaries in each year.

Guidelines and applications are available on the NSGEU web site, as well as in hard copy form upon request to the NSGEU Labour Resource centre at: 902.424.4063 or Toll Free: 1.877.556.7438

The bursary will be tenable for a program of study leading to a degree, diploma or certificate at any recognized university or post-secondary institution and will not be awarded to the candidate until evidence is provided by the Registrar of the university or other institutions of the candidate’s attendance.

Bursaries will only be awarded once to any individual in a 21 Month period.

Authentic signature of the actual applicant must appear on Application Form. Any other signature will cause the application to be invalid and therefore denied.


If evidence is found that the questions were answered falsely, the application will be considered void. In cases where bursaries have already been awarded, reimbursement will be required from the NSGEU member.


Applicants must:
The Applicant must be a NS Government & General Employees Union member in good standing for at least 12 months prior to the application.

A clear definition of a member in good standing can be found in the NSGEU Constitution and By-Laws.

Applicants having met the above but who wish to continue their academic education on a full-time basis, therefore resigning from their employment to attend a post secondary institution will remain eligible.


  1. Successful applicants who have resigned from their employment will remain eligible only upon proof of attendance on a full-time basis. Failure to do so will result in their disqualification.
  2. All questions (blank spaces) on the application form must be completed. The application form must be signed by the member.
  3. ‘Letter of Registration’ for a program of study leading to a degree, diploma or certificate from a recognized university or other institution of higher learning must be included. ‘Letter of Application’/ ‘Letter of Admission’ / ‘Letter of Acceptance’ will not be valid.
  4. All applicants must submit a 500-word essay on the history and importance of the labour movement in Nova Scotia.
  5. A copy of the Canada Revenue Agency, most recent Notice of Assessment to verify all sources of household of income, excluding dependent children, must accompany the application. (T4s and paystubs are will NOT be accepted)
  6. Successful recipients of bursaries must be prepared to enter into normal Union publicity that goes with receiving such an award.
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