A clarification on the Public Service Award payout Release

The Nova Scotia Public Service Commission mailed out their letter of offer regarding the Public Service Award (PSA) Payout.

We have been hearing concerns from members regarding the Release you are required to sign – that you may be signing away any ability to accrue a future PSA if the NSGEU is successful in getting it reinstated via the courts.

The statement in question is on page 4: “the Service Payout precludes any future Public Service Award from the Province of Nova Scotia with respect to service up to the discontinuance date of April 1, 2015.”

We have asked legal counsel to review this statement. Here is their opinion:

The Release only rules out further payments based on service UP TO the discontinuation date. If a constitutional challenge was successful and the accrual of the PSA resumed as a result, the Release would not affect payout of a future PSA based with respect to service AFTER the discontinuation date.

We have also confirmed our legal interpretation with the Public Service Commission.

Signing this Release will not affect payout of a future PSA with respect to service AFTER the discontinuation date of April 1, 2015, if the PSA is reinstated by the courts.

We hope this clears up any confusion regarding the release

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