Amateur Sports and Fine Arts Awards

The following have been selected by the NSGEU Social Recreation Committee and Ratified by the NSGEU Board of Directors to receive awards.


Recommendation #2: The Social Recreation Committee recommends that the $300.00

Amateur Sports/Fine Arts Awards be awarded to each of the following fifteen Members, or

Dependent children of the Members, in accordance with the NSGEU Policy 2.10, for 2017.


  1. Tobias Archibald     Member: Bruce Archibald, Local 4 Sports Recipient (Volleyball)
  1. Simon Archibald      Member: Bruce Archibald, Local 4 – Sports Recipient (Volleyball)
  1. Gillian Blaney          Member: Ann Blaney, Local 66 – Fine Arts Recipient (Bagpiping)
  1. Mitchell Broussard   Member: Tammy Broussard, Local 77 – Sports Recipient (Lacrosse, Basketball, Football)
  1. Claire Campbell       Member: Pam Giffin, Local 101 – Fine Arts Recipient (Classical Ballet)
  1. Susan Gloade           Local 3 – Sports Recipient (Equestrian)
  1. Fischer Laing           Member: Trent Laing, Local 100 – Sports Recipient (Tennis, Flag Football, Tackle Football)
  1. Tyler Lettice            Member: Cherie Foster, Local 470D – Sports Recipient (Hockey)
  1. Shaelyn MacDermid Member: Heidi Devlin, Local 1246 – Fine Arts Recipient (Highland Dance)
  1. Sue MacLeod         Local 100 – Sports Recipient (Racquetball)
  1. Aliza Prosser          Member: Heather Haughn Prosser, Local 122 – Sports Recipient (Basketball)
  1. Riley Spears           Member: Krista Spears, Local 423 – Sports Recipient (Hockey)
  1. Lily Spears             Member: Krista Spears, Local 423 – Fine Arts Recipient (Dance)
  1. Chantal Umali        Member: Emmylou Umali, Local 119 – Fine Arts Recipient (Dance)
  2. Elizabeth Weld      Local 101 – Sports Recipient (Ultimate Frisbee)


Recipients will be notified and Cheques mailed once processed and received from accounting.

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