Are you a Continuing Care Assistant? – IMPORTANT date!

In April of 2021 the Nova Scotia government passed the Continuing Care Assistants Registry Act. The Act requires all CCAs in the province to register on the CCA Registry and to renew your registration every year, unless you choose to no longer work as a CCA in Nova Scotia.

The Act allows the Department of Health and Wellness to collect the data from the mandatory CCA Registry and to use it for CCA workforce planning, recruitment, and educational programming.

Employers are required to have their CCA staff registered and will communicate and work with you to ensure you complete your registration. Employers may assist by providing the technology for access to online tools, such as registrations, renewals, resources, and services.

ALL Continuing Care Assistants must register by June 30, 2022. Failing to register by June 30th may result in a $50 fine.

It’s easy to do and free to register.

Not sure if you registered yet – check at

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