Blue Monday is the third Monday in January and is considered to be one of the most depressing days of the year. It seems especially relevant now, as we all make our way through the fifth wave of COVID-19. This date really is just an opportunity to talk to each other about mental health, and advocate for more resources to be put towards mental health initiatives in the province.

Research has shown that depression is the fourth leading cause of disability and premature death worldwide. Right now, we know that many NSGEU members are struggling with overwork, anxiety and staffing shortages.

As a union, we continue to raise the priority of mental health issues with government and press them to address the chronic under-funding of services.

Please consider using “Blue Monday” as a way to open up conversation with your loved ones, co-workers and friends. Talk about how you are feeling and ask others if they are okay. These times are challenging all of us and opening up about how you feel can help. Someone else hearing you open up might also allow them to express how they are feeling. We all need that relief valve.

Even if you aren’t ready to talk to someone you know, if you are feeling down, anxious or overwhelmed you can reach out to your Employee and Family Assistance Program through your workplace or reach out to the numerous resources available in Nova Scotia:

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