Call for Submissions!

Good morning,

The NSGEU is working on a special project to recognize the extraordinary efforts our members have made to continue to deliver services and keep people safe during the pandemic.

We are looking for members to submit photos of themselves in the workplace (wearing masks, respecting social distancing rules, and being careful not to share any confidential client or patient information). We plan to use some of these submitted photos in a holiday campaign which may include television, online and print advertisements!

We want to ensure we are featuring the diversity of our membership, so we are looking to include members from a variety of sectors, not just health care.

Photos can be selfies or taken by a friend or co-worker, and should be clear and high-resolution (smartphones take great quality images!).

Please send your submissions in to us at along with your name, job title, location, and phone number no later than Sunday, November 22nd at 5 p.m.

Thank you!

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