CDHA Memo re: Sick Policy

It has come to our attention that Capital Health is denying they have a policy of not replacing the first sick call. Here is a copy of a memo that outlines that policy:


Sent: August 6, 2013 2:24 PM

Subject: Approval for Overtime- Managers ONLY

Hi all,

Last Friday a memo came from Paula Bond (read below) regarding OT. Due to the increased trends of escalating OT, there will be new strategies to monitor/approve OT so effective immediately I will be implementing the following:

  1. All OT needs to be approved by myself (or ADCOR/bed managers), or covering manager
  2. We will not replace for first sick call (per below)
  3. I am looking for suggestions to reduce OT

For the ambulatory areas,  I  will be email the co-leads, Dr. Bance and Dr. Goodday, to seek their advice on options!!  More to come

I will be submitting weekly OT reports to both Vickie Sullivan and Paula Bond, as will all the other managers.

If anyone has ideas to help with reducing OT, please let me know!!

Thanks Tracey



To:          Health Service Managers

From:     Paula Bond – VP of Acute Care – Person Centred Care

Date:        Aug 2, 2013

<image001.png>Subject:    Overtime Tracking and Reporting

Good Afternoon,

As I am sure you are aware, Capital Health is experiencing considerable challenge related to an escalated cost in overtime, resulting in a 2.8 million deficit just last quarter. This challenge was been discussed in great length at senior leadership (LET) and it was determined that an active mitigation strategy was needed to ensure the challenge did not continue to escalate at this rate.

To that end, starting immediately (week of Aug 5th, 2013), we would ask you to track daily some of the information associated with areas that might drive or affect OT costs. Templates have been developed for In-patient, Perioperative and AMB Care areas. We would ask that you fill out a separate template for each of your areas. Monday to Sunday, and submit weekly on the following Monday to your director, who will forward to the Office of Clinical Care Coordination for correlation and analysis. For the first week, given that it is a four day week – please initiate the tracking on Aug 6th through Aug 11th for the first report.

Another key element of this work is raising the level of awareness with your teams as to the seriousness of this situation and steps the organization is taking to mitigate and manage the cost escalation.  To that end, we would ask that you engage your teams and physician co-leads via staff meetings to convey the priority of this issue, but also the measures being put in place to monitor and measure progress against our collective goal to reduce OT costs.

Effective immediately;

1.       Only managers will have the authority to approve over time decisions on days during M-F. Current protocols and process related to afterhours and weekend approval of OT will remain in place.

2.       The first sick call will only be replaced in exceptional circumstances where there is a risk to patient safety, for e.g. due to acuity.

3.       There will be no over time approval in Ambulatory Care clinic areas unless deemed appropriate and required by the manager due to exceptional operational requirements.


It is important to note that if this trend continues, more assertive mitigation strategies might have to be considered. This is a District-wide priority. Leadership teams will work closely to identify pressures contributing to increased overtime costs as well as looking at potential solutions you may have. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss with your director.

Sincerely,   Paula Bond

VP – Acute Care – Person Centred Health



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