Civil Service Bargaining Update: New Conciliation Dates Scheduled April 19 & 20

Dear Civil Service members,

In late February, your Employer informed your Bargaining Committee and the Conciliation Officer that they are no longer available to meet for conciliation in March due to committee availability. They have suggested that we reschedule for April, and we have now agreed on April 19th and 20th for conciliation.

When parties are unable to achieve a collective agreement, either the union or the employer can apply to the Labour Board for the help of conciliation services. A Conciliation Officer from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education works with the union and employer to try to resolve differences and to attempt to reach a tentative collective agreement. A Conciliation Officer cannot compel either party to reach a collective agreement.

Labour relations for the Civil Service are covered in the Civil Service Collective Bargaining Act. We do not have the right to strike. If conciliation fails, the next step would be to apply for Interest Arbitration.

Please watch your email, the NSGEU website, and the NSGEU Facebook page for further updates.

In Solidarity,

Civil Service Union Negotiating Committee

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