Clarification regarding risks to job security provisions in the Civil Service tentative agreement

Attention: Civil Service members

During our telephone town halls, we have heard some confusion about what members understand is at risk regarding job security in the tentative agreement.

To be clear, your job security provisions as laid out in Article 37 of the collective agreement are not at risk whether this tentative agreement is accepted or rejected. This includes the process of placement/displacement when there are layoffs, seniority rights, as well as the recall procedure and severance pay. Article 37 remains intact, just the way it is.

However, the Bargaining Committee believes the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) #2 is at risk and this is a large reason for recommending this tentative agreement.

A few rounds of bargaining ago, we were able to negotiate extended job security provisions which are contained in MOA#2. If you are laid off by the employer, this extended job security provision ultimately requires them to offer you a job at 90% of the pay you currently receive somewhere in the province. It guarantees you an alternate job offer if you are laid off. Although rarely needed, this MOA has been an important provision for the membership. It is like an insurance policy that should be there when you need it. This provision is also good for the employer as it discourages employee turnover and encourages them to put in the extra effort to retain their trained and dedicated employees.

In conclusion, none of the regular job security provisions in Article 37 are at risk one way or another at this time.

The job security item at risk is  MOA #2, which we understand the Liberal government was ready to remove through legislation should your Bargaining Committee not recommend this offer.

We hope this clarifies the issue of job security.

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