Healthcare Administrative Professionals Bargaining Unit Bargaining Update

The Council of Healthcare Administrative Professional Unions, comprised of committee members from CUPE and NSGEU, met with the NSHA and IWK on August 21st, 22nd and 31st to bargain a new collective agreement for over 3,000 members who work in acute care administrative professional occupations across Nova Scotia.

Both parties tabled proposals premised on the Healthcare Bargaining Unit Arbitration award, but with some changes. Talks were collegial, and many housekeeping matters were resolved. However, major issues are still in contention such as the hours of work for the bargaining unit, the 3.5% long service increment, the shift and weekend premiums and job security concerns. Therefore, we will be proceeding to Mediation-Arbitration before Arbitrator Bill Kaplan on September 19th. At that time, the parties will argue all outstanding issues before the Arbitrator, who will issue a ruling on the terms and conditions of your new collective agreement. The Council remains committed to achieving a fair collective agreement.

The Council would like to acknowledge and thank the members for their patience and support during this complex process. The Council will be providing further updates as soon as the Mediation-Arbitration process is concluded.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Council as follows:

Locals 193, 104, 195 (Public Health, Continuing Care, Addictions, NSHA Eastern, Northern, and Western Zones);

Sheri Cunningham, Committee Chair;

Local 1246 (NSHA, Central Zone):

Tammy Young,

Heather Tucker,

Debra Hartnett,

Bill Zebedee;

Locals 189, 190, 191 (NSHA, Western Zone):

Lynette Hayward Byrd;

Local 423 (IWK):

Tanya Hersey;

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