Housing Authority Locals 25, 26, 47 and 103 Bargaining Update: NSGEU Applies for Conciliation

Dear Local 25, 26, 47 and 103 members:

After eight days of negotiations, on January 29, 2019 talks broke down between the Union and your Employers. The Union will be filing for the assistance of a conciliation officer to assist the parties to reach an agreement.

Based on your input through the 2018 bargaining survey the bargaining committees knew that having language to address classification, rates of pay issues and joining the Public Service Superannuation Pension Plan (PSSP) are your highest priorities. When the Employers did not agree to the Union’s proposals on these important matters bargaining came to a standstill.

Please watch for more information on the conciliation process and the remaining Union proposals.  We encourage you to support your bargaining committees as they work toward achieving a fair collective agreement for current and future members.


Local 25 (Western)

Michelle Fevens – michelle.fevens@novascotia.ca

Carolyn Lovett – lovettcr@gov.ns.ca

Marshall Naugler – mgnaugler@hotmail.com

Tanya Steadman – Tanya.steadman@novascotia.ca


Local 26 (Cobequid)

Tammy Baxter – tammy.baxter@novascotia.ca

Fabian Haley – fabchal@hotmail.com

Wendy Hicks – wendy.hicks@novascotia.ca

Gary Sealy – garysealy1956@gmail.com


Local 47 (Metro)

Jennie Lee Orlando – Jeannie.orlando@novascotia.ca

Kerry Karsten – clutch14@hotmail.com

Kenneth Wood – Kenneth.wood@novascotia.ca


Local 103 (Eastern)

Kathy Dewtie – Kathy.dewtie@novascotia.ca

Krista MacLane – krista.maclane@novascotia.ca



Robin MacLean – rmaclean@nsgeu.ca

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