Deadline is March 31 to apply for the 2023 NSGEU Amateur Sports and Fine Arts Award. Apply now!

The Social Recreation Committee would like to remind you that the deadline for applications for the NSGEU Amateur Sports and Fine Arts Awards is Thursday, March 31st.

Each year, the NSGEU Social Recreation Committee may issue up to 15 Amateur Sports Awards (of which up to three may be Fine Arts Awards) of $300 each to members, or children of members, who are amateur athletes or artists. These awards help defray the costs of participation in or training for sports or art.

These awards will be considered at the first meeting of the Committee following the deadline for applications. The deadline is March 31 of each year. The Committee will bring a recommendation to the Board of Directors for ratification. Once ratified, the Awards will be presented. These Awards may only be received by an individual once every three years.

Applications may be mailed to the NSGEU or emailed to

Application Deadline: March 31

Please visit the NSGEU Website for details.


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