Local 21 – Emergency Health Services: Rally Information, Next Steps

Good afternoon,

I was pleased to attend your meeting last night, and want to thank everyone who was able to attend for showing up.

We plan to hold an information picket on Thursday, November 14th from noon until 1 p.m. An information picket is not a job action/strike: it is simply a way for us to put pressure on your employer and government, and to bring public attention to this issue. We are holding the rally in front of your office over the lunch break so you are able to participate without missing work.

We have called on government to pass an Order In Council (OIC) to exempt your group from the wage restraint of Bill 148. We have also served essential services notice to your employer, and are awaiting dates for bargaining to begin.

If we receive bargaining dates and/or government passes the OIC, we will postpone our rally.

We will be opening our “war room” at our office (255 John Savage Avenue, Dartmouth) up to members of Local 21 on Wednesday, November 13th so members can drop in at any time and make a picket sign.

NSGEU’s Executive Committee will attend your information rally, and we would like to encourage you to ask your family and friends to come out to the line to show their support for you and the important service you deliver!

In solidarity,

Jason MacLean

President, NSGEU

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