Local 21 – Emergency Health Services Tentative Agreement Reached, Info Sessions & Vote Scheduled

Dear member,

After several months of bargaining and the challenging restraints of Bill 148, your bargaining committee reached a tentative agreement with your employer on Tuesday, December 10th, and is recommending acceptance.

Details of the agreement will not be discussed until the bargaining committee can meet with membership on Monday, December 16th between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the EMC Office for an information session and ratification vote.

Special permission has been given for those who are working to be able to meet with the bargaining committee rotationally to ask questions and/or to vote. Information packets will be sent to you by email on Monday so you are able to review the details in advance.

As you are aware this has been a challenging round of negotiations, and it will be your only opportunity to vote on the agreement, so please make every effort to attend.

I would like to thank your bargaining committee for the hard work they have put in over the past several months, as well as you, the members, who showed great solidarity and made it possible for us to return to the bargaining table to make real progress on December 9th and 10th.

We look forward to seeing you on December 16th, 2019.

Please help spread the word among your co-workers. Thank you!

Claudia Belzile cbelzile22@hotmail.com

Elayne Smith   elayne.smith58@gmail.com

Beverly Mercer bgmercer@bellaliant.net

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