Local 22 IWK – Tentative Agreement Mailed Out

The package containing details of the recently achieved tentative agreement has now been prepared and is in the mail. There was a slight delay in mailing the documents as we awaited confirmation of some minor language issues. We apologize for this delay and are pleased to advise that the issue in question was resolved with the cooperation of the employer.

As noted during our earlier town hall call, your bargaining committee is recommending acceptance of the tentative agreement.

The package contains a ballot which is to be returned to our office by April 30th. If you have any questions as you review the details of the tentative agreement, please feel free to contact a member your bargaining committee.

Again, the committee thanks you for your support during these talks.

You can also contact the NSGEU with your questions at 424-4063 (toll free 1-877-556- 7438), or e-mail us at inquiry@nsgeu.ca


Bargaining Committee 

Michael Farrell     michaelpfarrell@hotmail.com

Sharon Joyce      470-8888

Donna Kline        donna.kline@iwk.nshealth.ca

Terrance O’Callaghan  terrance.ocallaghan@iwk.nshelth.ca

Peter Perry       peterfperry@hotmail.com

Neil McNeil, Chief Negotiator



Corry MacKinnon, ERO


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