Local 41 – Northwoodcare Bedford Inc. – Proposals Exchanged, Negotiation Dates Set

Your bargaining committee met with Northwoodcare Bedford Inc. on Thursday, May 16th to exchange proposals.  A copy of our Local 41 proposals is being mailed out to all members.

We meet again with the employer to commence negotiations on Wednesday, May 29th and Thursday, May 30th. We will provide you with another update at that time.

If you have any questions about this process or the steps to come, please contact a member of your bargaining committee or the NSGEU Labour Resource Centre at 424-4063 (toll free 1-877-556-7438), or email us at inquiry@nsgeu.ca.


 Bargaining Committee 


Shirley DeCoste


Ashley Dempsey


Michelle Keeping


Jo-Ann Bailey, Chief Negotiator



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