Local 55 – WCBoard – Tentative Agreement Reached

After eight (8) days of talks, your bargaining committee concluded a tentative collective agreement with the employer late last evening, May 29.

Details of the package and the voting process are forthcoming.

The bargaining committee is recommending acceptance and would like to thank the membership for its support during the collective bargaining process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your bargaining committee or the NSGEU at 424-4063 (1-877-556-7438 toll-free) or inquiry@nsgeu.ca.

Bargaining Committee

Theresa Anthony  terry.anthony@wcb.gov.ns.ca

Pam Harnish  pam.harnish@wcb.gov.ns.ca

James Keays  jamie.keays@wcb.gov.ns.ca

Lloyd Samson  lloyd.samson@wcb.gov.ns.ca

Robin MacLean, Chief Negotiator



Tony Bremner, ERO


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