Local 55 – Workers’ Compensation Board Conciliation Dates Set

Dear members of Local 55,

We have just received notice that conciliation dates have been set for May 8 and 9.

A Conciliation Officer is a neutral party with experience in mediation who helps both sides reach an acceptable agreement. The Conciliation Officer assigned to us by the Labour Board is Peter Lloyd.

Thank you for your patience and your solidarity through this bargaining process.

Bargaining Committee:

Theresa Anthony                  terry.anthony@wcb.ns.ca

Pamela Harnish                    pam.harnish@wcb.ns.ca

Brian Dimmer                       Brian.Dimmer@wcb.ns.ca

Lloyd Samson                       Lloyd.Samson@wcb.ns.ca

Chief Negotiator Robin MacLean                  rmaclean@nsgeu.ca

Employee Relations Officer Darryl Warren   dwarren@nsgeu.ca

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