Local 58 – Gateway Home: Bargaining Update

Dear Local 58 members,

In follow up to our Bargaining Update of November 16th, the Union has sent a letter to the employer’s negotiator. In our letter we:

  • Advised the employer that directly putting their proposals to their employees without first providing them to the Union was contrary to the Trade Union Act, and we demanded they cease and desist from such conduct
  • Asked whether the employer is willing to return to the bargaining table with the assistance of the Conciliation Officer.

We’ll continue to update the local as we navigate through this round of negotiations.

Feel free to contact any of the Bargaining Committee with questions or concerns.

Bargaining Committee:

Paul Pero            paul_pero@hotmail.com

Shevaun Porter  shivasiobhan14@gmail.com

Chief Negotiator Jo-Ann Bailey     jbailey@nsgeu.ca

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