Local 60 – Municipal Administration – Pictou County: Proposals Exchanged, Negotiations Begin

Dear members of Local 60,

Your Bargaining Committee is meeting today, June 25, with the Employer to exchange proposals and begin negotiations. Bargaining will continue on June 28 and 29.

If you are a member of Local 60 and would like a copy of the proposals, please contact the Resource Centre at inquiry@nsgeu.ca.

Your Bargaining Committee appreciates your solidarity and support as they work to negotiate a fair collective agreement on your behalf.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact a member of your Bargaining Committee:

Rhiannon McNair, rhiannonmcnair@hotmail.com

Kevin Burley, kevinburley1984@hotmail.com

Chief Negotiator, Dustin Rioux – drioux@nsgeu.ca

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